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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Cavendish Beach Music Festival. For even more information visit our full FAQ page.

When & where is the 2019 Cavendish Beach Music Festival?

The 2019 Cavendish Beach Music Festival will take place on July 5th, 6th & 7th in the costal community of Cavendish, Prince Edward Island at 8779 Route 6. Centrally located between the cities of Charlottetown and Summerside.

Friday, July 5th: Noon- 11PM
Saturday, July 6th: Noon- 11PM

Sunday, July 7th: Noon- 11PM

Can I bring chairs?

Yes. Standard “bag” chairs are acceptable to bring. Do NOT bring high back lawn chairs. If your “bag” chair is blocking the view of an individual behind you, we will ask you to remove that particular chair. Limited chairs, provided by the festival are available in the VIP section, but you can bring your own “bag” chair into VIP if need be. Chairs left unoccupied in the line-up prior to gates opening will be removed.

Can I camp near the Festival?

Yes. There are tent and RV camping locations near the festival grounds. Details and rates can be found on the Travel & Lodging page.

How much are tickets?

Please visit this link for ticket pricing and more: https://www.cavendishbeachmusic.com/tickets-3/

*subject to applicable fees and taxes.


Where can I purchase my tickets?

Online at www.cavendishbeachmusic.com

Once inside, can I leave and return later?

Yes. You may leave and return, but you must obtain a return wristband and it must be placed securely on your wrist for re-entry. Upon re-entry you will need to have a valid wristband for that particular day.

Is the Festival wheelchair accessible?

Do you have mobility issues? We pride ourselves on making sure everyone has an amazing experience at our festival. For the 2019 festival, anyone who wants to use the accessible entrance or viewing platform must have an Accessible General Admission Weekend pass that must be purchased through our office via email: [email protected] Individuals using this service are allowed one (1) companion, who must also have an Accessible General Admission Weekend Pass.

Single day accessible passes will be available when single day passes go on sale, if applicable.

  • Accessible parking this year will only be in the East Premium Parking lot and will be available first come, first serve on-site only.
  • The Pat & The Elephant internal shuttle service from the Bus/ Shuttle Marshaling area is a free service that can transport anyone using the taxi/ bus service to the Accessible/ VIP entrance.
  • Ask an attendant at the VIP entrance to the south of the venue if you need use of a wheelchair.

For additional information, please email [email protected]

To read more about our accessible classification, visit Access Advisor’s Website. www.accessadvisor.ca

Pat & The Elephant also offers a transportation service to anyone in need. This service is first come/ first serve, but is very efficient and drops off right at the VIP gates from the bus/ shuttle marshaling area.

Can I bring food or drink into the Festival grounds?

No. No outside beverages or food of any kind is allowed. However, one sealed bottle of water, 1L or less will be permitted. Once inside the festival, you can purchase food and drink from a variety of vendors. If you have a specific dietary question, please email [email protected]


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